Kitchen Makeover Contest Winners

Thank you to all who entered our contest, and for sharing your photos and stories with us.  From kitchens with crazy layouts to those with extremely dated cabinetry, there were all kinds of rooms with unique stories for our panel to consider.
We saw everything, from 1950s-era time capsules to tiny cottage kitchens. There were even some kitchens with barely any cabinetry at all. We saw drooping cabinet doors, missing drawer fronts, and dated hardware. We also saw interesting floorplans, and cooktops and refrigerators squeezed into spaces so tight, we wondered how you could use them.
You told us your stories, and without exception, a better layout that provided more functionality was the key ingredient lacking in every kitchen.  Your message was clear:  You want a kitchen that works for you.
Making our selections wasn’t easy. We picked a winner from New England and one from New York, but you can all be winners in your own space. We encourage you to bring your ideas to us and let us help you to turn a bland and dated kitchen into a new design that includes all of your most wanted features.

  • Our winner for the New York area is Kevin K. of Northport, NY
  • Our winner for New England is Danielle C. of Middletown, RI

While this contest has passed, we wanted to share a few entries we received.  If your kitchen looks like one of these, and you’re ready for an update, we hope you’ll visit one of our showrooms to speak to a designer and collaborate on a new design. We’re confident that we can provide you with new cabinetry to suit any style, at a price that fits your budget.


before kitchen contest photobefore photo of yellow kitchen


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