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Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Maintenance, Service and Repair

You use your garage door nearly every day, likely multiple times a day.  Keeping your garage door and garage door opener maintained and functional is key to its longevity and your safety.  If you’re looking to better understand what Services Riverhead Building Supply has visit the Installation Services page here

Garage Door and Opener Maintenance and Repair

There are a few things a homeowner can safely do to ensure proper garage door function.  Let’s start with some basics and review the key components of your garage door and garage door opener.

Garage Door Tracks and Rollers:

Both the metal rails or tracks, made of steel, which the garage door rollers ride along are a key component to smooth operation of your door.  It is important to keep these clean and clear of debris.   The best way to clean them is with a soft, lint-free cloth damped with water or gentle household cleaner and wipe along the interior of the track.  The garage door can get misaligned if debris is caught in the rails or if the garage door was installed improperly or is imbalanced causing screeching, scratching or scraping noises upon use.  If these noises persist, it is recommended to call a garage door service technician to inspect and make appropriate repairs and adjustments – call here 631-591-7810 or complete an appointment form here and someone will contact you.

Garage Door Cables:

These cables do a lot of the heavy lifting – literally!  These long strands of galvanized steel rope help lift the door, which can weight up to 200 pounds.  These cables connect to the large springs that lift the door.  Without these cables, or a broken cable, will not allow the door to open – becoming one of the major issues that can cause a garage door to become stuck closed.  Garage door cable replacement and repair should be left to the professionals as they interact with the strong garage door springs that store a lot of energy and can cause harm to the novice repair person.

Garage Door Springs:

Springs are the power behind the door operation.  When in good condition you can lift the door easily as the springs provide the counterbalance and tension to give you an assist.  If a garage door spring breaks or becomes disabled the garage door becomes impossible to open.  Replacing garage door springs on your own is dangerous.  The springs are under tremendous tension that can unwind and cause serious injury.  Call a professional to replace garage door springs.

Garage Door Remotes and Keypads:

If either the remote or keypad are not functioning properly the first order of business is to check the batteries.  If the garage door remote still does not appear to work, check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to train or ‘program’ your remote control – search for instructions online if you do not have paperwork handy.  First, you will need to safely access the garage door opener motor to press the ‘Program or Learn’ button to initiate programming mode; usually an LED light will signal the unit is prepped.  Then the button on the remote is pressed to make a connection.  This is the basic idea, check your brand and find specific manufacturer instructions online.  If your efforts fail or the remote/motor still does not function, call our local garage door service technician to troubleshoot more options or set up an appointment at 631-591-7810.

Garage Door Weather Stripping, Sweep or Bottom Seal:

This is the soft, flexible material that compresses when the door closes, sealing the gap along the floor to keep out water, dirt, cold and critters.  If debris and air are getting in underneath your garage door, likely the bottom seal or weather strip is in need of replacement.   This might be the only repair a do-it-yourselfer can safely manage.  Of course if you have multiple issues with your garage door, the best course of action would be to contact an expert that can address all issues on one visit.

  • First you need to measure the width of your garage door and purchase a roll of corresponding size bottom weather strip or rubber seal.
  • Next, the garage door needs to be securely positioned in about an 80% open position so you have access from side to pull the sweep out of the astragal so it passes in front of the door tracks or rails.
  • There is likely a screw a few inches in on each side along the bottom that is holding the current weather strip in place. These two screws should be removed and set aside to reinstall later.
  • Pull out the old rubber strip from the side pulling evening and slowing. Sometimes the strip is so worn or damaged it can be pulled out from the bottom of the door.  Cutting along the entire bottom can assist in fast, easy removal as well.
  • Cut your new garage weather strip to the exact width of the bottom of the door. To facilitate installation give coiled rubber strip a soak in water and dish soap.
  • Curve the weather strip into a ‘U’ shape with the ribs on the outside and start to feed into one side of the astragal of the door (metal channels at bottom that rubber weather strip is fed into). This can be most efficient with two people, one feeding the strip in and the other gently pulling it across.
  • Last step is to replace the two screws, one on each end, to secure the weather strip in place.

If you find you have multiple concerns with your garage door and opener, feel free to call our installation team of experts for a consultation at 631-591-7810 or complete a request form here.

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Replacement Windows: A Quick Guide

Make the case to replace.

Where do you start on the road to replacement windows? With all of the choices available, it’s hard to decide. Let Riverhead Building Supply be your GPS – you tell us where you want to go, and we’ll give you the step by step directions to make sure you get there.
At home shows, community fairs, on TV, and in your neighborhood, you are being encouraged to renew the look of your home with replacement windows. Not a bad idea, but is it worth it? We’ve lined up some other options to consider. Before you get pressured into replacing all of the windows in your home, learn about the choices you have and make a decision that is comfortable for you.

When to replace?

The first decision can be the toughest. Is it time to replace windows? Here are some top reasons to consider replacement windows.

  • Are your windows able to close tightly, and lock? No? Replacement is something to consider.
  • Are there air gaps where you feel cold air coming in around the sash or window frame? If you can feel a draft, and you are not able to manage the air flow by caulking around the windows, it may be time for new ones.
  • Do the windows operate smoothly? Do the screens fit well, and keep bugs out? If the frame has become racked or out of square, the sash may not operate smoothly. You may find that you can’t put your screens in easily either. Time to think about replacing.
  • Is there any damage to your window? Are wood frames showing signs of rotting? Is there any visible water damage? Cracked, split or rotting wood frames should be replaced.
  • Are your windows more than 20 years old? Old windows do not necessarily need to be replaced based solely upon age. If they have been well maintained, a good quality window can last for years. If, however, you have any of the problems mentioned above, replacement may be the way to go.
  • Do you live in an area that requires you to have impact resistant glass, or to have storm shutters ready to hang if the forecast calls for high wind, hurricanes, etc.? It may be time to consider replacing windows with impact resistant glass.

With a new window, you will get the benefit of the latest materials, energy efficiency, and higher performance glass. And some newer windows come with great features such as sash that can be cleaned on both sides from the inside of your home.

Choices for replacement windows

Once you have decided to replace, there are several options. You can do a full replacement, which means removing siding on the exterior of your home, and trim inside, and doing a complete replacement of the window unit.
If your exterior and interior window frames are in good shape, you can opt for other solutions.
Narroline® Windows from Andersen®, manufactured between 1976 and 2012, can be converted with ease using Andersen Tilt Wash replacement windows. These wood windows give you new sash and jamb liners that fit into your existing window frame. Some of the advantages are obvious – there is little to no disruption to your home, and you have a brand new window unit. That means a new 20 year warranty on the glass, and a new 10 year warranty on the window, plus all of the updated features that you expect from a newly manufactured window. These windows, purchased from us and installed by Riverhead Building Supply’s Installation Partners or your carpenter, can end up costing you far less than hiring a franchised installer to handle replacement.

Replace windows at your pace, all units in the home do not need to be replaced at the same time. For any brand of wood window – that is, a window that has a wood frame, wood jambs and stops – consider an Andersen insert window. The insert window works in your existing frame, with little disruption to the interior or exterior of your home. Keep in mind that by using the existing frame, the new unit you install within that opening may have a slightly smaller visible glass surface, and therefore let in a little less daylight. For most people, the convenience and ease of installation outweigh the slightly smaller size of the window. It is something to bear in mind as you consider your replacement options.

Replacing screens

Sometimes you just need a new screen, and we can help with that too. We stock a variety of Andersen window screens in popular sizes to fit Andersen patio doors, double hung, casement and awning windows. The screens that we stock are intended for use with Andersen 400 Series windows. Windows carrying the Andersen name that are from other suppliers may not accept the same screens. If you are having a franchised installer put in new windows, your screens should come with the window unit, and are only available for purchase from the franchise. Similarly, Andersen Windows purchased through some big box stores are a different series. We are able to order screens to fit as long as you are clear about where your windows were purchased. The differences are small, but evident enough to create a nuisance. The overall screen size may be the same, but the wing locks that hold the screen in place are positioned differently and may not align with your window, meaning the screen cannot be properly secured in place.
How do you decide what window screen you need? For Andersen brand windows, there is a glass code etched into a corner of the window which tells us the glass size. From there, we can backtrack to the type of window and the kind of screen needed.
Be sure to contact us for help when you are considering window replacement. A call or a visit to the showroom can help to answer your questions and make your selections.

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Marvin Designer Black Interior Finish for Windows & Doors

Ready to make a bold statement in your home? Install Marvin windows and doors with the Designer Black painted interior finish.
While black has been a popular design trend for doors, appliances, and hardware for a while, the Designer Black interior finish takes this style to a whole new level. This architectural glazing option was created as a complement to Marvin’s Matte Black hardware collection and enhances doors and windows with matte black elegance. The use of black is a striking way to add dimension, definition and contrast to your space. It is a modern, edgy take on a classic look.

Designer Black windows and doors work are sleek and contemporary, but contrary to what many people believe, they actually work well with many types of styles including transitional and traditional.  Clean and simple all-black windows and doors accentuate the beauty of the outdoors and draw the eye in, allowing the view to take center stage.

Marvin’s Designer Black interior is a factory-applied finish available on Marvins’ Signature Ultimate products. The Ultimate collection includes the broadest range of customization to fit any project, high-performance casement windows, awning windows, specialty windows, gliders, sliding doors, corner windows and more. Marvin uses a propriety multi-step conditioning and staining process to ensure that every window and door has a consistent, high-quality finish that delivers lasting beauty.

Riverhead Building Supply is an authorized dealer of Marvin products.  Contact us today to learn more about how you can take a step away from the ordinary with the Designer Black interior painted finish from Marvin.

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