Pergola Ideas for Any Backyard

Pleasant weather brings everyone outdoors. Is your deck or patio as inviting as you’d like it to be? If you are looking for a unique and affordable way to add distinctive style to your outdoor space, consider the pergola. Also known as a patio trellis, pergolas are a simple architectural feature that can dramatically enhance the beauty of your backyard, while also providing functional benefits.

What are pergolas?

A pergola is an outdoor structure that may be freestanding or attached to a home or building. It consists of an open lattice grid of cross beams and rafters supported by columns and does not have any walls. Pergolas can be found gracing patios, decks, gardens, and parks and are often adorned by climbing plants and flowers.  Pergolas are commonly constructed of cedar, redwood, and mahogany wood, as well as durable vinyl and PVC.

While pergolas are undeniably visually appealing, they have many other advantages besides aesthetics:

Do Pergolas Provide Shade?

A pergola can make your outdoor space more comfortable. It allows light in, while also providing some shade. Enjoy a view of the sky without having direct sunlight beating down on you and your guests.
If you would like a more fully shaded area, you can add an all-weather fabric shade cover or canopy to the top of the pergola. For additional protection from the sun, wind and other weather elements – and to give your pergola a very romantic feel – fabric can also be installed between the vertical posts.

Extend your garden

Pergolas are designed to be beautiful on their own but are especially pretty when used as a trellis for hanging plants and climbing vines and flowers. Some of the most popular vines grown on pergolas include clematis, trumpet vine, climbing roses, ivy, honeysuckle and wisteria. Once the vines fill in and cover the top of the pergola, you’ll have a stunning natural canopy of shade, creating a lovely, peaceful oasis right in your own backyard.

Define space

Similar to pavers or a deck, a pergola can define your outdoor living space. A pergola is an open, airy and attractive solution for establishing an entertainment or dining area.

Add value

A well-built, well-maintained pergola can make your home more visually appealing, which can help increase the value of your home.
Riverhead Building Supply is an authorized dealer of INTEX Vinyl & PVC Pergola Systems and uses INTEX Millwork Solutions Pergola Systems for all custom pergola and patio trellis projects. These durable high-quality materials are virtually maintenance free and will last for years. We also have the lumber supplies and fasteners you need to build all types of wood pergolas.  Contact our team today to find out how easy it is to add the perfect pergola to your home’s outdoor living area.


Popular Types of Fencing For Contractors and Homeowners

Are you thinking of installing a fence for protection, privacy, or curb appeal? Riverhead Building Supply has a variety of fencing materials and accessories for contractors and homeowners.  Whether you need safety fencing for a construction site or want to add a finishing touch to your landscape, we have the types of fencing for everything you need.

Fencing Considerations

There are many types of fencing to choose from. Keeping in mind the following questions can help you evaluate your fence choices and decide on the one best suited for your requirements:

The end use:

    • Is the fence intended to be a decorative, i.e., part of the landscaping?
    • Do you need a temporary fence?
    • Do you need a fence that provides privacy?
    • Is the fence needed for the safety of children or pets?

The upkeep:

    • Will the fence material need to be painted or stained?
    • How long will the fence material last?
    • What type of cleaning or maintenance will need to be done, and how often?

The installation:

    • Is the fence easy to install, or is skilled help required?
    • What types of fence posts or supports are required?
    • How much material is required?

Other considerations:

    • Does the fence need to meet certain building codes? For example, fencing around a pool may need to be of a minimum height; gates may need to have special locking mechanisms.
    • Are there homeowner’s association (HOA) rules or regulations pertaining to fencing?
    • Are you aware of your property lines and utility locations?
    • What is your overall budget?

Types of Fencing

A fence is an investment in safety, security and privacy, and can also enhance the look of your landscape. Fencing can give you peace of mind by helping keep small children and pets within your property boundary, and intruders and wildlife out.
Here are some of the fencing products you will find at Riverhead Building Supply locations on Long Island and in New England:

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is primarily used to provide protection and security at construction sites and may be necessary for adhering to safety and health requirements. Riverhead Building Supply carries a large selection of temporary fencing materials including:

    • Orange safety fencing – Blocks off constructions sites.
    • Silt fence – Provides sediment control and protects areas around construction sites from runoff.
    • Snow fencing – Guides the accumulation of snow either away or toward designated areas.

Animal Control Fencing

Safeguard your property from deer, rabbits, and other wildlife with animal control fencing.  We have deer fencing and chicken and turkey wire in a variety of sizes.

Yard Fencing

Fencing can add beauty and character to your landscape while defining the borders of your property.  It gives you privacy from your neighbors, deters trespassing, and helps prevent young children and pets from wandering outside of your yard or into a pool area. Riverhead Building Supply has many types of high quality fencing materials that will meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Lattice fencing

    • Lattice fencing featuring a square or diagonal pattern is an attractive option for privacy or semi-privacy.  Our lattice fencing is available in the following materials:
    • White Permalatt vinyl – Resists mold, mildew and insects and won’t peel, warp, chip or splinter. Other colors are available through special order.
    • Clear cedar – Durable, can withstand harsh weather conditions and can be sealed, painted and stained.
    • Pressure-treated wood – An affordable, rot- and insect-resistant fencing option that can be sealed, painted and stained.

Rustic split rail fencing

    • Create a rustic look with rustic split rail fencing made of durable, rot-resistant locust wood. Our split rail fencing components consist of Locust 2- and 3-hole line, corner or end posts, and hardwood rails. Split rail fencing is also suitable to fence in horses or livestock.
    • #1 spruce stockade fence
    • Maintain privacy with our light-colored spruce stockade fencing, made with #1 spruce. Unlike many other types of stockade fences, ours has a third cross member in the middle which provides extra stability and support.

Pool surround

    • Provide a secure barrier around your pool with PVC-coated welded wire fencing.

Riverhead Building Supply provides the highest quality commercial and residential fencing supplies to make your work easier and your projects a success. In addition to an array of fencing products, our locations also have railings for porches and decks, and our expert team can help you select and order gates, arbors and pergolas to suit your need.  Visit a store near you and start planning your new project today!


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Cleaning and general maintenance is always recommended, but there is far less upkeep than a natural wood deck.

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